If you provide food and drink or wifi to marine tourists visiting Scotland then don't miss out.

This year, 2015, is the year of Food and Drink in Scotland.  And, as a way of encouraging more marine tourists to go ashore and enjoy what Scotland has to offer, we are further developing our Marine Blast app.  Along with all the other essential information you expect from the only comprehensive marine directory dedicated to the boating community, we have two new categories - Food and Drink 2015 and coastal wifi providers.  These categories do not simply give information, they provide the marine tourist with a better experience on their trip.  If wifi is an important part of a holiday then knowing where they can login can make all the difference.  Likewise, knowing where the best eateries are will leave a good taste in everyone's mouths! 

However, we need your help in getting this information out to your members.  Could you please include this information in your next newsletter to the hospitality industry and make your team of agents aware of it too?  The Marine Blast Marine Directory Scotland is recognised as the most comprehensive marine app and it also provides valuable information about the entire Scottish marine industry.  It can be used for pre planning trips and gives access to the marine service industy should they need emergency services to facilitate repairs.

The app covers the whole of Scotland so it is important we get as many people listed as we can to make the area as welcoming as possible.

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